Looking to Sell?


Is now a good time to sell?

Maybe. It depends on what you own, what you paid for it, how long you’ve owned it, where it’s located, your lifestyle, your plans, and your financial needs. A conversation with a financial advisor and a listing consultation with an agent will give you a better idea than headlines that declare this a buyers’ or sellers’ market. No one can time the market as the future is uncertain, and NYC is made up of hundred of micro-markets, each one entirely different. As a rule of thumb, I recommend aiming to hold a resale property 5-7 years or a new development 10-15, but we’re lucky in New York; market stagnation is less pronounced because people are ALWAYS looking to buy here. So if you need to sell for any reason, don’t let gossip or headlines scare you. Related posts:

What costs are associated with selling?

There are more expenses when selling than buying, the first being that you pay both agents’ commissions, 5-7% of the sale price. On top of that are state and city transfer taxes, other standard closing costs, plus (potentially) staging and painting/repairs to get the place ready for sale. But now that Compass Concierge will front the cost for most up-front expenses, this is all paid at closing, so you don’t need cash on-hand to start the sales process. Take a closer look at the finances of selling below. Related posts:

How do I get started?

The first step is a listing consultation, where you do a walk-through of your home with an agent and discuss expectations, the space, market data, recommendations, etc. Feel free to interview multiple people for the job, and choose someone you communicate well with and respect. Like buying, selling a home is complicated, involves a ton of moving parts, and requires a team of capable professionals. Find out more about the entire process at the links below. Related posts:

What if I just want to sell it myself?

Don’t. You will end up spending more than you save in time, energy, risk, and stress, while likely netting less on the sale than had you hired a good agent. This is something we do professionally day in and day out, while most owners only trade apartments once or twice per decade. You will be at a disadvantage when negotiating, are far more likely to lose a potential sale mid-transaction, and are limiting your buyer pool in a market where 80% of sales are co-brokes. When representing listings I take pricing, staging, photography, and marketing extremely seriously and do everything I can to sell for as much as possible as quickly as possible, while making it as painless as possible for the seller. Related posts:

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