Want to learn more about making home ownership a reality?

Attend one (or both) of my annual events to learn why you should BUY, what you can buy, how you can buy it, and who you need on your team.


The Rent Is Too D*mn High!

Hosted in the spring, this free talk/Q&A focuses on the unseen expenses of renting, why you live not in the price but in the payment, and how to build your team. Chow down on catering (like a taco bar from Dos Toros) and sip cocktails (like margaritas) in a friendly, no pressure environment as you learn from three experts who specialize in first time homebuyers.

Get Your Financial Sh*t Together.

Held in the fall, this free seminar helps illuminate the finances of buying including how much you should save, how you can get there, and how to maximize the benefits of ownership once you do buy. Enjoy some brain food (like waffle fries) and nootropics (like La Croix and beer) while you learn the financial ropes.

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